What will those attending your next event
remember when they leave?

suz red jacketIf you’re looking for a high energy, thought provoking speaker who can quickly move an audience from quiet moments on the edge of tears to uncontrollable laughter, you’re in the right place.  Suzette Brawner brings uncomplicated, straightforward, real-life navigation that’s authentic and relevant.

Using humor, encouragement, wisdom, and experience, she instantly connects with everyone. This life application speaker will give your organization new perspectives on everyday challenges while weaving fresh insights in an entertaining and enlightening way.

Whatever the occasion, a luncheon, a dinner, a workshop or a weekend, your audience will walk away with strategies for keeping life in balance, tools for reducing stress, and foolproof ways to simplify all communication. Her energetic and fun approach can be adapted to the needs of your organization. Suzette Brawner is sure to help make your upcoming event one they’ll never forget.


“Suzette’s warm heart and joyful spirit will both encourage and challenge your audience.”- Atlanta, Georgia

“Suzette is so genuine and has been gifted in relating to all ages. Her humor and honest approach is both endearing and encouraging.” - Wycoff, New Jersey

“Having Suzette Brawner speak for our event was the HIGHLIGHT of the weekend!” Jefferson City, Tennessee

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Keep It Between The Ditches – In today’s ramped up world so much of the time we find ourselves feeling like a tire out of balance..

The Lion Roared and The Otter Laughed – “Can’t we all just get along?” Mixing male/female differences, birth order, personalities, plus the generational factor makes for a perfect storm at any office or in any home..

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For information and fee schedule, contact Suzette or
send an email of inquiry to: Wilene@wcdenterprises.com.